Before Working Out – Two Things YOU MUST Do

Two Things YOU MUST Do

Before working out...In order to avoid injury and some very serious complications, make sure you warm up and cool down EVERY time you workout.

Contrary to what you may have been taught in grade school, you should NEVER start your workout by stretching COLD muscles.

Start with a fast walk or light jog for about 5 to 10 minutes...get the blood flowing into your muscles and then you can take time to stretch those muscles if you need to.

Then you can begin and complete your workout.

Before Working Out

Equally as important as your warm-up is your cool down phase. Many people have hurt themselves and in some extreme cases, some people have died from NOT taking the time to cool down.

Never come to an abrupt stop after a workout...especially if you just finished jogging or running a few miles. Take time to walk it off.

Continue walking until your heart rate is back to a normal pace or beat. As you get stronger and stronger, you'll  notice that you're resting heart rate will get slower. The slower it is, the stronger your heart is.

When I go for a doctor always ask or comments after checking my heart, "You must workout?" ​

Before Working Out or After Your Workout

In my opinion...after your workout is a great time to stretch those muscles and work on flexibility. Put on some relaxing music and stretch while you continue to cool down. While you are stretching, NEVER bounce. Always stretch slow and just outside of your comfort zone for a few seconds at a time.

I'm Coach Burt...hang in there...You're getting stronger by the day!

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Before Working Out - Two Things YOU MUST Do

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