Audio Tip -Important Success Factor for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Success Factor

An important success factor when starting your Weight loss Journey.

When you first start your weight loss journey...unless you've been exercising a little, you're body will become really sore and you'll be tempted to quit.

So listen to me'll get through this phase and it will only last about 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

If you do this, your chances of success will be much greater!

Make a commitment to yourself. Say this...I will not quit within the first 30 days of my weight loss journey.

Anytime I take on a new client, before I begin training them...I always ask them to make this promise to me and mostly to themselves. Because I know, if they will stick with me for the first 30 days, they'll be glad they did!

Now it is important to listen to your body and NOT over-train.

To help with the can take your favorite pain-reliever for your sore muscles and believe it or not...
if you'll force yourself to go for a light walk...get your body moving...even though it HURTS,
you'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel afterwards.

I'm hang in there, You're looking GREAT!

Enjoy and please...Let us know what you thought about this audio by commenting below. 🙂

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Burt Richard

Burt is a Certified Personal Trainer whose goal in life is to help others become the best they can be. He feels that the first step to becoming all your potential offers is to take responsibility for your overall health. This includes eating healthy and enjoying an active lifestyle.

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