Muscle Recovery – Secret to Becoming Stronger

The Secret Ingredient to Becoming Stronger

Muscle Recovery it the single most important factor for growing stronger and preventing injury!

Contrary to what you might believe or what you may have been told, although you get stronger by working out or exercising...

You're not actually getting stronger while you're working out, even though, right after a workout you may look bigger when flexing in the gym mirror for all to see.

In reality, you get stronger during the rest cycle, which is muscle recovery time.

Muscle Recovery

Resting allows for Muscle Recovery's here (the rest cycle) that too many people neglect or don't allow their bodies to rest properly which leads to over-training and injury.

I can describe countless ways to train and we'll cover some ways in another segment, but regardless of how often you train...

Muscle Recovery is Required 

YOU should ALWAYS give your body at least one FULL DAY of COMPLETE rest each week and at least 48 to 72 hours rest before training that muscle group again.

For example...if you like to train your whole upper-body during your visit to the gym...make sure you do NOT train any muscle in the upper-body again for at least 48 to 72 hours.

It's OK to train your abs or your lower-body on your next visit to the gym. Just make sure to give your upper-body plenty of time to recover and rest before training those muscles again.

It's during that (rest cycle or muscle recovery time) 48 to 72 hours that your muscles are mending, repairing and growing stronger in preparation for your next workout!

God knew what He was talking about when he said "Take one day to Rest."

I'm Coach Burt...keep up the GREAT work and don't forget make time to rest.

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Muscle Recovery - Secret to Becoming Stronger

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